Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) is a public limited company incorporated in the year of 1996. Their business area is transmission of power all over Bangladesh.
As of March, 2021 PGCB has 861 Circuit km 400kV transmission line, 3,658 Circuit km 230kV transmission line, 8,069.902 Circuit km 132kV transmission line and 104.72 Circuit km other transmission line.

As of March, 2021 PGCB has 1 Nos. 2x500MW HVDC Back-to-Back 400kV substation, 3 Nos. 3,120 MVA 400/230kV, 1 Nos. 650 MVA 400/230kV substation, 2 Nos. 1,300 MVA 400/132kV substation, 26 Nos. 14,325 MVA 230/132kV substation, 5 Nos. 1,460 MVA  230/132kV substation. 120 Nos. 23,447 MVA 132/33kV substation, 34 Nos. 5,231.6 MVA 132/33kV substation. And also, PGCB has 26,630 MW dispatch capacity at 33kV level (Including all organizations).

Their vision is “Economic upliftment of the country by reaching electricity to all through reliable transmission”. And mission is “Efficient and effective management of national power grid for reliable and quality transmission of electricity throughout the country”.
Siemens India Ltd. has been awarded “Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 400/230kV Meghnaghat AIS Substation on Turnkey Basis (Bid Identification No.: PGCB/DCMPGSP/BD-P81/SS/01)” project from PGCB. As a reputed subcontractor of Siemens India Ltd. Ringtech Ltd. has won 400/230kV AIS Meghnaghat Substation Project Bangladesh (Road, Trench, Drain, Gates, Fencing works).

Scope of This project is to construct around 2000m of internal road, cable trenches, surface drain, main gate and fencing.
February 2021, Ringtech started this project.

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