We deliver cost-effective solutions to safely put your equipment in service

Ringtech provides design, Installation, testing and commissioning services to vendor. Ringtech will dedicate Installation team & Commissioning Engineer to test, and install Substation Equipment, SCADA, Meter, Motor etc. components and systems. Our Commissioning Engineers understand the big picture and are capable of commissioning Greenfield projects as well as challenging retrofits being cut into live stations. Their knowledge of transmission, distribution, and generation systems enables them to develop and execute plans that work under the customer’s tight outage schedules and requirements. Some of the Commissioning Engineer’s responsibilities are to review the design drawings, develop and execute test plans provide technical and perform final in-service checks when bringing the equipment online for the first time.

SCADA Installation

We provide our excellent services in installation and commissioning of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for various industrial manufacturing, production, power generation, fabrication and refining processes. Our vendor SCADA software is comprised of various consoles or panels. We offer installation of SCADA software for advantages such as powerful logging, alarming & reporting facilities along with networking & communication capabilities.

There are five phases in installing a functional SCADA system: The Design of the System. The Right RTUs, Communication, and Master Station. Installation of Equipment & SCADA Software. Commissioning of the System.

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