Energy Efficient illumination System

Ringtech Energy Efficient Illumination System

Better Lighting less Energy.

Ringtech energy conservation technologies can deliver significant energy savings for your facility with a high return on investment. We import world famous brand efficient illumination system and implementation at Government project and industries. Our solutions significantly reduce overhead expenses while saving money and reducing the negative effects on the environment. Efficient Lighting Consultants works directly with your local utility company to identify and maximize rebate potential so the program is cost neutral for you.

It has been estimated that electricity for lighting consumes almost 20% of the output of the world’s power stations. The use of energy efficient lighting is one of the best and most cost effective ways of reducing our national energy consumption. Efficient lighting programmes can be implemented in several areas within cities:

● Replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

● Replacing old fluorescent tubes with efficient fluorescent tubes in local government and commercial buildings.

● Using light emitting diode (LED) technology wherever possible. This is getting steadily cheaper and more accessible. LED’s have several energy and cost saving applications, such as traffic lights and downlighters.

● Making streetlights more efficient through the use of high pressure sodium lights instead of the old mercury vapour light. Sodium lights operate on just over half the power of the mercury vapour light, and last up to 6000 hours longer.

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