Substation Equipment

Ringtech design, Installation & Commissioning Service

Ringtech provides design, Installation, testing and commissioning services to vendor. Ringtech will dedicate Installation team & Commissioning Engineer to test, and install Substation Equipment, SCADA, Meter, Motor etc. components and systems. Our Commissioning Engineers understand the big picture and are capable of commissioning Greenfield projects as well as challenging retrofits being cut into live stations.

Their knowledge of transmission, distribution, and generation systems enables them to develop and execute plans that work under the customer’s tight outage schedules and requirements. Some of the Commissioning Engineer’s responsibilities are to review the design drawings, develop and execute test plans provide technical and perform final in-service checks when bringing the equipment online for the first time.

High Voltage Substation Design, Equipment Installation & commissioning Service

Transmission and distribution systems, upgrading substation infrastructure and capacity is essential to keeping the lights on in the communities you serve. Whether you are taking on a rebuild, an expansion or a Greenfield project, Ringtech’ s power engineers and designers guide you through all phases of development, from planning through commissioning.

We implement solutions from initial concept, land acquisition; permitting and complete civil, structural, and electrical design to deliver completed integrated/automated substations, switching stations and switchyards.

Design through 400 kV

  1.  Site Survey and Single Line Diagram Design
  2. GIS and Open-Air Design
  3. 3-D Design
  4. Protection and Controls
  5. Automation and Integration
  6. SCADA System Design
  7. Testing and Commissioning
  8. Ground Grid Design
  9. Control House Design
  10. Site Surveying
  11. Site and Foundation Design
  12. Permitting
  13. Structural Analysis, Inspection and Repair
  14. Security
  15. Layout Design
  16. Project Schedule and Creating Estimate
  17. Drawing and Requirement to Connect With Transmission Line
  18. Earthing/ Grounding System Design
  19. Equipment Specification Check

Substation Engineering

  1.  Fault Level Calculation
  2. Soil Resistivity Test and Calculation
  3. Step and Touch Voltage Calculation
  4. Cable Sizing Calculation
  5. CT, PT Sizing Calculation
  6. Relay Setting Calculation
  7. Secondary Scheme, Protection Scheme Design Cable Schedule

Installation of Substation

  1.  Installation of Power Transformers, GIS, AIS, Panels etc.
  2.  Installation Of Steel Structure With On Site Fabrication
  3.  Cable Laying
  4.  Cable Tray Installation and Fabrication
  5.  Grounding System Installation

Testing & Commissioning

With Testing Equipment’s and Experts Ringtech is fully capable to testing and Commission up to 400kV. Ringtech can provide bellow service for testing & commissioning:

  1.  Ratio, Polarity, Tan-Delta, Insulation Resistance, Winding Resistance, Polarity, Capacitance, Knee Point Voltage, Magnetic Balance Test
  2.  Breaker Timing and Analyzing
  3.  Transformer Oil Test
  4.  Protection Relays Test of ABB, Siemens, GE, etc
  5.  Protective Function Test Of Over Current, Earth Fault, Differential, Distance, Bus bar Differential, Auto Re-closer, Power Swing, SOTF
  6.  Supply, Installation & Commissioning of SCADA System

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