Engine Spares

Power Plant Equipment & Spares

Timely access to spare parts is essential for maintenance Power plant. We supply and manage spare parts through dedicated spare parts warehouses and other channels to minimize capital expenditure, optimize system utilization and minimize downtime. In many years of operation, maintenance and repair of power plants we have gained extensive experience in the long-term estimation of spare parts consumption. Due to the large quantity of parts and equipment we purchase from a wide range of well-known OEM’s, we are able to supply spare parts at competitive prices.

A spare parts supply contract with or without technical support can be tailored to the needs of any power plant owner. We specialize in power plants systems and machinery, and cover the most diverse spare parts needed during operation and maintenance work. We have practical experience in the procurement, commissioning and maintenance of power plant components of any kind.

  • Different model & manufactures Gas Turbine Spares
  • Power plant Diesel Engine Spares
  • Different model & manufactures Alternator Spares

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